Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bandung, The Fashion City (Task 1)

If you love shopping and hunting some unique clothes, just try to visit my hometown, Bandung. I guarantee that you never regret. It is a place called heaven from some people. You can find many lovely and nice clothes here. Many places of shopping are spread out in entire of city. Start from the chepaest one in Gede Bage until the most expensive elegant one in some boutiques.

Called Paris Van Java, Bandung has changed its look with some touch of fashion. Like Paris, Bandung become a center of fashion product and also a place for developing of fashion mode. As a fashion city, the people’s consumption of clothes is so high. So for this condition, many factory outlet (FO) and distribution outlet (distro) mushrooming in whole area of Bandung. As an additional, a lot of new malls are also built to pleasure the people’s needs in fashion. No wonder of those reasons, many people come to Bandung on weekend with purpose of shopping. That’s way I really proud of my hometown because Bandung is the real “Paris” in Java island.

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