Friday, March 7, 2008

Personal Digital Assistant (TASK 2)

As mobile technology has become very common, it is no surprise that personal computing has become a vital learning tool by this time. For somebody who spends most of his time outside and need to keep in touch with computer, PDA is the best way to choose. PDA or Personal Digital Assistant is a handheld computer. In general, the use of PDA is similar to mobile phone (smart phone). But in some other ways, most modern PDAs support internet access and include software which would normally found on an office computer, such as word processing and spreadsheet software.
Some PDAs use internal keyboard as the default setting. But within the touch screen technology, we can easily write or draw something without the keyboard.
The operating systems are specially designed for PDAs, the performance depends on the processor speed and memory, a typical PDA would boast a 300MHz processor and 64MB of ram.
PDA used everywhere by different kind of people. For example, waiters in one restaurant in Bandung use PDA to write down the guest’s order. They don’t need paper anymore and it is easier to make the report for the owner of the restaurant because PDA has data cable to transfer the data significantly. At last, we can conclude that PDA is very practical and easy to use.

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