Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Hometown : Two Major Problems In Jakarta

Jakarta is my hometown which has two major problems these years. The two most threatening problems are flood and traffic jam. Flood comes every year, drowns some part of the city, and creates a big loss. The other one is traffic jam which prolongs the amount of time people need to go to other places and produces a lot of polution.

Flood caused a lot of problems for people in Jakarta. At least 20 citizens died and more than 340.000 citizens lost their houses. Some whose house has been drowned by flood has to move to higher place to save their lives. Electricity flows disturbed and roads in parts of Jakarta was drowned, causing it to be unactive. These results are threat for lots of people, causing flood to be one of the biggest problem in Jakarta.

Traffic jam is the other cause of problems in Jakarta. A lot of people’s activites has to be postponed because of the traffic which causes people to spend more time at their journey. This problem also affects people to widened roads that causes another problem, loss of water precipitation area. Vehicles that are stucked in traffic produce a lot of pollution, which cause the air to be polluted. These are the reasons why traffic jam causes problems in Jakarta.

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