Friday, March 28, 2008

tugas 2 Pandu Kuntoaji iPhone


In the world of cellphone industry which treats design as an afterthought, iPhone would be an oasis for those who consider cellphone as an important icon that reflects their lifestyle. IPhone, with its appealing design, is a cellphone that is developed and marketed by Apple-the company which once brought the widely known “iPod” into the world-. A brief look to the casing will already assure us of the reflected quality by its elegant glass-and-stainless-steel material. Furthermore, the feature beneath its outer shell is as stunning as the casing itself. It combines the cutting-edge Mac OS X with cool touch-screen control. What's more, it has many cute finishing touches. For example, look what happens when you put iPhone into "airplane" mode. A small orange airplane zooms into the menu bar! Nonsense, you might say. But a little yet unique feature like that is what makes iPhone a distinguished gadget from the others. Making other phones with sophisticated feature looks shabby. However, there are still plenty of feature that Apple needs to improve such as inavailibility of 3G, 2.0 Megapixel camera-its competitors have used 3.2 Megapixel one-, and many more. But those flaws don't prevent iPhone from becoming the most valuable gadget - at least for now.

Pandu Kuntoaji/13407021/academic writing

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