Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jakarta: Fact of a Life

There are some interesting issues you have to know about my hometown, Jakarta. Beside its famous overcrowding, heavy traffic, and income disparity, it is also known well for its society problems that become wider all the time. Jakarta is one of the most populous city in the world. Immigrants came from almost every island in Indonesia, especially from Java.
Like many big cities in developing countries, Jakarta have a big urbanization problem. At the end, the problem become more complex and causes some new problems. Polution, crime, unnecessary settlement, flood, and even the lack of clean water have been major problems in the society. Since those issues are brought up, the local government has been trying to fix those problems and offering some alternative solutions. For example, in transportation, they introduced “three in one” rule during the rush hours in the early of ‘90s. Recently, they have TransJakarta project. The passengers can use the busway network to reach their destination straight to the point or take them to the place where they can find other public transportation. So it is like giving a bait to other transportations which not operate in busy city routes. By this alternative, the traffic jam in some crowd road will be reduced.
The transportation problems can be overcome step by step, nonetheless there are still a bunch of society issues in Jakarta which are never touched. The incredible flood happened last year in almost every part of Jakarta has made a bad image of this capital city in front of the world’s eye. In a week, many crucial things in economic and politic collapsed. It made a lot of people in Jakarta have to be evacuated and sustained a loss. But there is no move from the local government to face the annual flood. This disaster made the poor became poorer than before. Because of their poverty, sometimes they are forced to do crime actions. The number of crimes and harshness in Jakarta also increase time to time. At the end, I just want to say that there are still many issues in Jakarta we have to face and to solve. To make these things become better, we have to give our hands and support the good policy the government offers. So as citizens, we can expect a better life by handling all the problems well.

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