Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Glassware Manufacture

Making glass isn't easy as we consider. Traditionally, it begins

with mixing sand (silica) and catalyst soda, decreasing the melting point of silica as raw material in right proportion. Next, the mixture is put in the furnace in order to melt it and become molten mixture. Next, the molten mixture is moved along iron pipes. For the next step, we can choose to make either bottle or plate.

For making plate, the process is continued by sending the molten mixture to pool. After that, it is flown to automatic press machine. This incredible machine will pressed it roughly to make a great shape and unique pattern.

Making bottle glass is more complicated than plate. Using their mouth, the glass workers blow air with pipe that make molten glass expanded like a basket ball. Carefull! Place it in the dyes of desired size and shape before becoming cool. Thus, the glass is formed correctly as we want.

Both of making plate and bottle have the same ending process. the raw glassware must be heated using a conveyor belt. As the result, the glassware becomes solid and hard. In the end, These glasses will be smoothened. Specifically, their edges are going to be cut through burnishing. Before sent for being sold, polishing, colouring, coating and drawing of various design are optional for beautifying these things.

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