Thursday, March 27, 2008

Task 1 My Hometown: Bandung is not an Educated City

Bandung is not an Educated City

While we enjoy the education on ITB, On Jalan Merdeka many child don’t go to school and become a beggar. While we burn a tungsam in Basic Physic laboratory, a little girl burn a cigarette and smoking together with her little friends on stasion hall. While we sit gently on the class with air conditioner (some were sleeping), studying about air pollution, A lot of poor child study about bad effect of air pollution for their lung not in their class. They study it on the street by experience it by their self. They taste the smell of the smok. And then they learn how pollution can make them so hard to undertand the lesson. Because their brain Is poisoned. Is that right if we say Bandung is an education city only because of one ITB or one UNPAD. While there was a thousand child cannot go to school? Is that enough to prove that Bandung is an educated city while the educated people not even care about the education for the poor people. I don’t think so. Because the real education teach us about love and care. Because the real education does not make us an individualist person. Does ITB teach us about that? So, how can we say that Bandung is an educated City?

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