Saturday, March 29, 2008

HOW GLASS IS MADE (task2_revision)

In making glass, the long term and quite difficult processes are required. Glass is made by melting together some minerals at very high temperatures. Sand, as the main ingredient, must be combined with soda and limestone. They are melted in a furnace at temperatures of 1700o C. After that, the compound becomes molten form and it is being removed through the pipes which have two branches. One branch is directed to a removable mould to make the bottle glass and the other one is directed to a big temporary container before the molten glass is pressed to make the plate glass. While making the bottle glass, molten glass is placed in a removable mould. Then, the air was blown through the pipe into the glass. We have to blow it to the size and shape determined by the mould. The partly finished bottle, is withdrawn from the mould, then heated to make it solid and hard. The last process of heating is also done in the process of making the plate glass. Finally, we can do some additional processes, like colouring, polishing, drawing, etc, to make different kind of bottle for many purposes.

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