Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Bekasi, as crowded as Jakarta

As a suburban area, Bekasi is becoming more crowded. This is signed by the traffic jams that happens in every part of Bekasi. Not to mention the number of housing complexes in Bekasi that keeps growing and mushrooming. This condition leads to what we call congestion.

One of the reasons why Bekasi is so crowded is Bekasi is filled with commuters. Commuter is a person who travel between his / her home and workplace. In this case, the home is in Bekasi and the workplace is in Jakarta. These commuters go to their workplace every morning and go home in the afternoon. That’s why at this certain time, Bekasi becomes congested. Since the number of the commuters keeps increasing, their needs of housing in Bekasi are also increasing. That makes Bekasi even more crowded.

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