Thursday, March 13, 2008

MP3 Player (Task 2)

MP3 player is a device that can play music with *.mp3 format file. There are many kinds of music format file but, *.mp3 is the most famous one. It can be played on almost all of portable music player or all kinds of computer software. Nowadays, mp3 player is a common device that everyone has. Because, most of people like music so they buy a MP3 player to pamper their ears. Many companies produce their own MP3 player such as Apple with its iPod, Archos, Samsung, Sony, Cowon, etc. The most famous MP3 player is published by Apple with its iPod. iPod is the best selling MP3 player product. Because it also can play videos, tune in to radio and even can be used as an organizer. Nowadays, the size of an MP3 player become smaller and smaller. You can put it in your pocket or you can clip it on your pocket. Besides that, there are also MP3 player that can be used as a flash disk.

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