Sunday, March 23, 2008

TASK 1 : Bandung, my hometown

There are two main things that make me don't really like Bandung nowadays. First, about the climate, which is getting hotter and hotter everyday. When Pasupati was being built, lots of trees were cut down and that has made Bandung becomes less cooler than before. The number of car which is being used by people is also much bigger than it was in the good old days, and as we know, the emission gas from cars (such as carbon monoxide) also have a contribution in changing the climate.
The second one is about the traffic. Since there's a lot of factory outlets and malls, Bandung's traffic has become very annoying. Especially on weekends and holidays, people from other cities (especially Jakarta) come to Bandung and spend their time in the factory outlets and malls, which means that their cars make traffic jams in almost all vital roads in Bandung!

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