Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lake Toba

Every year many tourists come to North Sumatera because it has beautiful scenery and many kind ethnics. The tourists come from other city like Medan, Jakarta, and Bandung even from overseas like Japan, England and United States. One area that they like to visit is Tuk-tuk. In this area live native which most of them are Bataknese. The natives have many cultures like traditional dances, statues and king’s grave and their generations. In their opinion the cultures are sacred. Usually the tourists like to see the cultures. In Tuk-tuk we can see the natives dance their traditional dances. And don’t forget we should pay for this. One thing which is attractive is Sigale-gale. According to the story, this statue can move alone at the same time it dances. But, in fact it moves by human.
Another place that the tourists like to visit is Lake Toba. It’s the biggest lake in Sumatera Island. They like it because it has pure water and there are many kinds of fishes. In edges of the lake, the natives make water reservoirs which content of gold fishes. Usually the tourists like to give them food. The biggest fish can reach 2.5 kg. They can also buy the fishes if they like.
Near Lake Toba there is a waterfall. Its name is Sipiso-piso. By standing here, we can see Lake Toba and in the center of the lake there is Samosir Island. It’s a very amazing island covered by lake. In this place we can find many souvenir shops. We can buy something like T-shirts, bracelets, rings, necklaces and statues for souvenir. These are the reasons why many tourists come to North Sumatera.

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