Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jakarta, My Hometown

My hometown is Jakarta. It’s a city where I was born and lived, before I moved to Bandung to continue my study. I also grew and spent my days as a child on Jakarta.

Jakarta is a very crowded city. Jakarta’s people population according to the latest statistic report is about 10.5 millions. Not only the people, but also the vehicles on Jakarta have a huge number of populations. Moreover, the number of people coming from outside Jakarta is still increasing. It is clear now that Jakarta is getting even more crowded from time to time.

Jakarta is also a much polluted city. The air in Jakarta is much polluted by particles coming from motor vehicles. The vehicles are also the cause of noise pollution in Jakarta. The rivers in Jakarta are so much polluted by thrash and garbage thrown by people. The more vehicles and people Jakarta has, the much more Jakarta is polluted.

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