Friday, April 4, 2008

The Dangerous of Television

I am honestly agree with statement that said television is dangerous because it destroys family life and any sense of community; instead of visiting people or talking with our family we just watch television. I have many reasons for my agreement, from my experience in position as technology user and family or community member.

As technology user, I think television is one of the biggest inventions by human. It broke through the limit of time and space and started the information era by its capability of sending audiovisual information. Television is a public communication tools and it can be medium for culture trading. Thus, it can alter culture in a nation, generally in human life, slowly but sure and it has. It can be happen because of the television position and function now which is a politic, commerce, education, and of course communication tools. There are so much people with their own business in television existence because television is the best instrument to influent people in the way of think. For example, to make people respect to a man is easily can be done by showing the “fine” profile that maybe hide his original characteristic. It has done when our ex-president Mr. Soeharto past away. Furthermore, television is employing in commerce with biggest proportion. We can look that every 10 minutes or even just 5 minutes in every television channel, there are commercial breaks with many advertisements. It seldom when we find a television program with no commercial break. So to fulfill the company advertisements, all channels are competed to attract people to watch their program. They will show program even it will ruin people. As a result is people like television so much and there are a lot of television addicts.

In a family, at least there is one television in their house which is used to educate, inform, and entertain all family members. But, the television condition nowadays has raised many effects and problems. It never happen if it used properly in right time and in right proportion, but majority of television users don’t do it, included me. Sometimes in my leisure, I feel so lazy to go outside and do anything except to watch my favorite television shows and programs in my room or living room. Television has poisoned me and even I often forgot to do my task or job when watching television, it has really spent my time a lot. Now I’m trying to change my habit with making myself busy in any beneficial thing except watching television and I think it works, although sometimes I miss my television in my cozy time. Now I just watch several certain programs like news and events highlight because I need the information about the world and things that just happen, so I am up to date with this world condition.

So we can conclude that in many cases television is dangerous, but we still need it and if we use it properly, we can take benefit from television existence. Everything that will happen is depending to us as technology user and family member off course.

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