Friday, April 4, 2008

Does Television Create Individualist People?

Television is one of electronic media that give us both information and entertainment with audio-visual view. It broadcast a lot of types of programs from various television stations. Unfortunately, the completeness of programs that television station offer can make people spend their time to watch television rather than visiting people or talking with other family members. People will become more individualist. In other words, people will lack any sense of community.

Various television programs could give the viewers satisfaction in fulfilling their needs to know the recent news and relax their mind. By watching news programs, people will think that they have received all the recent issues and events that happening around the world. So they don’t need to ask anyone about how’s the world today. After that, by watching entertainment programs, such as television series, music show, etc., people are cheerful enough and find a way to make their selves happy and forget their problems. Accordingly, they will think they don’t need to chat with friends anymore to make them relax; turning on television is solving the problem. The satisfaction that television give make people feel that they could live alone.

Moreover, people have different taste of television programs they like. This difference also can make people argue with the others. For example, in a family, father choose news programs to watch in 6 pm, while his daughter wanted to watch television series that she have waited for a week ago. It’s possible that the daughter will plead for her parents to buy her a personal television. That case shows that people could become individualist, just because they want to have privacy in watching the programs they like most. They nearly don’t care about the others want. They only think about satisfying their selves.

On the other hand, watching television won’t form individualist people, if they just watching it occasionally and think that watching television just one of so many way to relax their mind. They also think that communicate with friends or other people is an important thing to do.

In conclusion, watching television occasionally and still keep in touch with other people won’t affect anything in our social communication. But, if we are too addicted to television, it’s not impossible that in a short time, we will become more individualist.

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