Wednesday, April 9, 2008

editted task 4 (Tely)

Television is massively used as an telecommunication system for broadcasting and presenting visual picture with its sound over a distance since 1930's. Technology and modernization have improved tely both of its physic and broadcasted information, including news, film, until reality show. However, some people worry about its progress that causes many bad effects to the audiences.

Generally, we have got so many adventages from invention of television. Important information can be communicated as soon as possible. We know everything happened in other country visually. A lots of advertising are coming one by one creatively. Game show and film entertain us when we feel bored and tired. Unfortunately, Those adventages are followed by dangerous effects nowadays.

I totally agree with that statement. There are so many bad effects especially from tv show. In last few years, TV shows are created creatively in commercial purpose. They are showed in “correct time” by means lots of people will watch it so that they can sell commercial brake with high price. As spectacular tv shows, each of them have unique style that make people who watch it interested and watch every second of that shows. Some people wants to watch their next episode impatiently.

However, many tv shows use bad ways to make people remain in that channel. They usually give rude jokes or sadism that will cause bad effects specially to children (under age). Consequently, children will remember all the stuff and do it someday unconsciously. For example, children or teenagers will leave home directly after have argument with their parents. It is definitely learned from tv shows.

Other bad effect is that we usually controlled by tv shows. For example, my mother like watching drama tv shows named “Cahaya”. It’s showed every day at 7 pm so she will stop doing activities in that time to watch it. Even she would ask my father to go home if my family was going somewhere just for watch that drama serial. Actually, i think this is very annoying. Tv shows are created for entertaining, not for controlling us. As an secondary need, Tv should be used wisely so all of dangerous effects can be prevented.

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