Monday, April 7, 2008

The Glass Making Process

There are several steps must be done to make a glass based items, like plate glasses and bottles. First, we must gather the materials like sand, sodas and limestones then weighting them. After getting the proper weight, we mix and put them into the furnace for melting and refining process. It may take a long time to complete, depend on the type of glass we make and the heat that the furnace can produce. Then after the melting process completed, we begin the refining process. The melted materials then can be created either bottles or plate glasses. To make a bottle, we must put it in some kind of forming machine and blow some air through it, or we can use hand made mould that shaped like the bottle to create the bottle shape. To make the other form, the plate glasses, we will put the melting materials on a roller, which will make the glass flat. After that, we put the bottles or the plate glasses, on a cooling machine to strengthen and cool them down. Then the bottles or the plate glasses are ready to use.