Friday, April 4, 2008

The Process of Making Glass

Have you ever wonder how bottle glasses you used for drinking everyday are made? Or the glass in your window’s house is made? Well, it is not as complicated as you think. Firstly, the three main ingredients consisting of sand, soda, and limestone are mingled in a special heater called furnace. After that, this mixture is streamed into two different paths, one is going-to-be-bottle glass, and another is plate glass-to-be.

During the process of making bottle glasses, a small amount of the mixture is put into a replica of a bottle made of mould. Previously, the replica has been hollowed into a shape of a bottle. Subsequently, some air is pumped into it, so that the mix spreads evenly. After the mix becomes hard, the mould is removed and the bottle glass is ready to be used.

A bit different with making bottle glasses, in making plate glass the mixture is placed to a special place similar a box. It has a hole in its bottom in order to flow the mixture between some rollers located zigzag and facing each other. Beforehand they have been set in a distance which later becomes the thickness of the plate glass. Finally, the result of the plate glass arrives on the top of a special pad and ready to be delivered to shops.

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