Thursday, April 10, 2008

TV and Its Phenomena

Since it’s firstly establishment in the late 1930s, television has been a huge technological phenomenon. If before, people only can see those within them, now the can see those in other part of the world in live. When we only can hear voices through radio, by using television, moving pictures and sounds can be delivered in once. Despite, millions of television has been sold throughout the world. Almost every house has a television, moreover, in some areas television has been considered as a success symbol. That’s why in this essay, I would like to state some points related the good and bad things of television.

In modern lifestyle, almost every activity related with television. Years ago, before television is sold, children would spend their free time by playing in the garden with their friends and relatives. But now, they would prefer to watch cartoons or even movies. This is what parents considered as a problem. Their emotional relationship with their children has been decreasing since their children spent more time in front of TVs. Parents feel they don’t know their children well anymore. Moreover, parents couldn’t teach good life philosophies to their children. And this would bring a generation which is not based on attitude education.

In the conclusion, we have to realize that as every coins in this world has two sides, there are always be good and bad things towards an issue. In this television and family relationship issue, the best thing is to do is to give understanding to children that TVs are not always good. Also parents have to do their best to make their children emotionally connected with them.

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