Friday, April 4, 2008

My Beloved Hometown

You might ever hear about this proverb: out of sight, out of mind. But it doesn’t ring right for me. It doesn’t portray my feeling towards my hometown, Surabaya. On the contrary, the more distant I am from it, the more magnetic it is for me.

I have spent my whole life there – I was born and brought up there – yet I didn’t have any prudes about it. I always envisaged myself to live happily in another city, naming Medan or Singapore. I used to loathe Surabaya as its weather was immensely sunny and hot, as if it was going to burn your skin and made you become a skin cancer prone. Besides, I was so jaded with my surrounding because I was always sent to the same school with more or less the same peers since I was at kinder garden school. Therefore, I was so blissful when I knew I would move to Bandung to continue my education. It was like being released from behind bar.

I have been away for almost a year. But as the time flies and miles of distance separate us, I changed my opinion towards it gradually. Now I realize I do miss it much. I even yearn for going home at times. I notice it has imparted loads of lovely things to me – my thick Javanese accent, great education and other priceless memories and friends. So, now I love it as the way it is, including its frigging hotness!

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