Friday, April 4, 2008

Is television really dangerous?

Television used to be one of the luxurious things that only can be had by several communities. But, nowadays, television is the common things that can be found in any community. The present of television has given a significant effect especially for social life. Unrecognizably, television destroys family life and any sense of community.

Television has taken almost all of the time we have. We usually only take our seat and enjoy television program along the day. We just watch and we rarely go outside our home to say “hi” or visit our neighbor. They lose their attention with their surroundings.

It’s not only about our relationship to another people. Even, television can harm our relation with our family. Every day, all of the family member spend their time with activities. Then, we only have very little time that can be spent with our family. Unfortunately, in that little time we just watch television without spend our time to visit people or talking with our family. As a result, family relationship became far apart. There is no warm family condition anymore. Even as, any quarrel that can happen cause of arguing about television channels.

Originally, how we use television decide how television affects our life. If we use television in a right way, we can avoid all the negative effects from television. For example, by watching television together with our family we can talk to each family member more intensive. We can enjoy our leisure time with our family. Isn’t it really worth? Furthermore, we can discuss each other then understand each other too. This can make our house full of warmth.

In conclusion, television is dangerous because it destroys family life and any sense of community; instead of visiting people or talking with our family we just watch television. But, we can minimize it if we really know how to use television wisely. Use television carefully, wisely, and effectively is the key to avoid any social damages that emerge from using television.

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