Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jakarta’s Nice Places

As we know that Jakarta is the busiest and the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta always make people who work and life in, deal with many problems and get stress. Because of that, people who life in Jakarta need entertainment places to get away from their problems for a while. There are many kinds of entertainment places in Jakarta, such as malls, parks, beach, zoo, museums, and theme park. With those entertainment places, people who live in Jakarta can have recreation without going outside Jakarta. They can do the recreation with their family, friends, and also with their couple.

Here are the entertainment places in Jakarta that people can visit. First, there are many malls in Jakarta. Everyone can do shopping or just do the window shopping and there are many kinds of restaurants in a mall. Next is the parks, There are many city park in Jakarta. You can visit Surapati Park, Monas Park, etc. And then you can go to the only one beach in Jakarta, the Marina Beach in Ancol. There, you can do jogging in the morning and watch beautiful scenery of the sea. And, there are good restaurants near the beach. There is also a zoo in Jakarta, The Ragunan Zoo. Ragunan Zoo has many collections of animals and there is a Schmutzer Primate Center the biggest Primate Observatory in Indonesia. And there are many museums such as, Museum Gajah, Museum Fatahillah, etc. that can be visited on weekdays or weekend or you can go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). TMII has many museums and parks. It is the most favorite place in Jakarta. And it also has theme park. And the biggest theme park in Jakarta is Dunia Fantasi (Dufan). There are many kinds of games in Dufan. Those are all the entertainment places in Jakarta that can help the people who life in can get away from their problem for a while.

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