Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How To Making Glass Products

Have you ever wonder what the glasses are made of? Or how they are made?
Well, here is the process of making glass. Glasses are made of a mixture of sand, soda and limestone. First, the sand, soda and limestone are put into a big furnace to be heated and melted. Then, the melted liquid is separated into two ways. The first way is to make plate glasses. And the other way is to make bottle glass. In making plate glasses, the liquid is put into big tube with hole on the bottom of the tube. The function of the hole is to pass liquid through the rollers to make it thin and flat. In making bottle glass, the liquid is put into a mould of the bottle. This mould is removable, so after the bottle are cold enough; the mould can be removed to take the bottle. Beside the liquid, the mould of the bottle is also filled with air so the bottle will have a sphere there. That’s how the glasses are made.

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