Monday, April 7, 2008

Does Television Only Entertain Us?

Nowadays, television has become one of the most important things in the society. Most of the family has minimum one television in their home. Even several families have television in each room of their home. But for some reasons, I personally believe that television is dangerous because it destroys family life and any sense of community.

Television has the effect of making people drawn themselves from the society. Once a family member watches a TV show, he will have his full attention to the television and it will last until the TV show ends. This is encouraged by the fact that some family has one television for each of their family member. For example, if the mother in a family is watching a soap opera in the television, the mother will keep watching the television until the soap opera is finished. While she is watching the television, she doesn’t want to be disturbed by any other family member.

However, television is a cheap way to have an entertainment. In Indonesia, to watch television we only need to pay the electricity bill which is relatively cheap. Besides, there are so many free-public-access TV shows which are considerably good for many people.

In the other hand, this has made many people addicted to television. Their addiction makes them spent most of their time in front of the television, instead of spending time with the other family member. For example, a kid in the family who loves to watch cartoon will spend his time in front of the television every time cartoon is broadcasted on the television which nowadays has become so frequently. This kid chooses to spend his time by watching his favorite TV shows instead of playing with his parents or siblings.

We can conclude that television can be used to entertain a family, but unfortunately it has a bad impact, destroys our family life. It is so obvious that our family life is way more important than entertainment. Television maybe good for some family who already has a strong relationship between its members, but not all family has it. Besides, there are still many ways to have an entertainment which can include all the family members.

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