Sunday, April 6, 2008

Does Television Really Give Bad Impacts to Our Family Life?

I personally disagree with the statement saying that television is dangerous because it destroys family life and any sense of community. Below I state the reason to support my opinion.

Television has been the number one entertainment since it was first invented. However, there are always arguments whether tv should be considered good or bad. Despite all the yelling parents do at their children for watching television for too long, it was actually their faults to provide the children that sort of entertainment. It can’t be avoided, the fact that almost everyone has at least one set of television in their houses. According to Federal Communication Commission statistic, 98.2% of American own a tv set. In advance, even another statistic done by Redwood Empire Public Television says that 99% of homes in the Unites States have a set of television, and 88% have more than one. From the fact above, we can say that television has been there, has always been there.

People love watching television for some reasons. Whatever are shown in the television pretty much satisfy their dreams of the unreal lives. Drama about the perfect guy meeting a perfect barbie – who can actually find those kind of stories in real life? It might give several bad impacts on the society, but it would not destroy family life or any sense of community. In this modern age, human kinds are no longer to be fooled by such things. If there were anyone to be blamed, it would be the audience. Humans are the ones with brains, senses, and choices. Everybody always has choices whether to do or not to do certain stuffs. After all, real life always calls back, waiting, and surely much more demanding than the television. A mother, however, can’t keep watching tv while her baby is crying. It might be a different case for kids, but they are kids. Kids are supposed to not care about what people say because they need to survive the peer pressure. Nevertheless, kids have no idea about the importance of family. In the end, as we always now, it has always been the real life. One cant choose to live in a story.

So, from the elaboration I wrote above, we can tell that television may raise many impacts, the good or the bad ones. But as human beings, the ones with the talent to think, it is our job to manage and to choose in life; is it us going to be controlled by life and its circumstances, or is it us who are going to be the controller of this life. Thus, family life and any sense of community won’t be destroyed unless we, the humans, want to.

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