Friday, April 4, 2008

Television, Is It Good or Bad?

Nowadays, television is electrical media which is most liked by so many people almost all over the world, including in our country. To get television is not as difficult as in the past. But, the effect of television can not be neglected, both positive effect and negative one.
In my opinion, no matter how entertaining, television gives some bad influences for people for a number reasons. First, television takes our previous time. Based on Survey less than 25%, parents believe that their children waste more their time to watch television. Beside that, television spoil audience with programs which can make some people forget to do activities. For another reason, television frequently show which full of violence, crime, and hardness. Of course, It is not good for children at all. Television also reduce time for family, because some children and adults prefer watching television than gathering with family.
On the other hand, It can not be denied that television also gives positive side for us. Television can speed up communication among people. For example, there is tsunami happened in Aceh several years ago, almost all people in the world can know about it quickly. In addition, television can give us a great number of educations and knowledges. We can know many changes and development in other side of the world from watching television.
In conclusion, because of not all television program is good for us, we must be selective to choose the right show. It is much better to watch qualified and recommended programs which give advantages for us.

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