Monday, April 7, 2008

Jakarta : The City of Dreams

Do you ever think want to live in a big, glamorous, overpopulated and can-get-everything city? Well, I think you could consider living in my hometown, Jakarta, is the best option. And every one else who came to this city might think the same as you, earn a living and get a better life.

Actually, it’s not bad for thinking that way, but many people who came to this town never get their own dream. Many had became unemployed or just having a lowlife job, such as beggar, maid, and street singer, when a little could be survived and being a rich people. The others just being a unused person, because of their lack of ability, which make the city overpopulated and more crowded in the past decades. Of course, this make another problems, pollution and poverty, which known to be the never-ending problems to the government.

Despite of that kind of trouble in this city, Jakarta is actually a nice city, for some people who had money. The big and tall buildings in the city make a good scenery at night, the living facilities is more than enough, and sure it offers many goodness to people who want to enjoy the living. Overall, I can say “A troubled city which had many good thing if you can survive”.