Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is There a Boundary to Stop Working?

Nowadays, for some people, working have become the number one priority in their life. Age seems no longer become a problem that can stop their ability to make a career. For example, in our country, we can see a lot of politician that still exist in their old age, around 50 until 70. But are they still needed for their job?

In my opinion, there are no ideal age to stop working. Because if we have ability and strength to do one job, we must do it. The limit for someone to stop working when they have weakness in their health that cause them can’t walk their life by themselves. But one think that we must know, creativity is never die.

Erasmus (1516) said that whatever we are, wherever we stay, as far as we alive there still be a chance. That’s make me sure if we have a will and passion to do something, we can through our own limit. Like Shakespeare (1594) said, that willing and passion are the greatest power in this world and they are more precious than money or influence.

One thing that we must always remember, if we still alive, we must give our best to everybody in every activities we do. Washington (1977) ever made a statement that he would never ask about the time he died, but how much kindness he gave in his life. In the end, never ever think about the time, if you can do something now, just do it with your whole heart.

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