Friday, April 4, 2008

Television : A Multi-function Stuff

Nowadays, television is one of the most important electronic stuffs. Almost all of the houses have this thing in them. Television, which we also know as TV, in a house give a very big contributive to the community inside. Besides information that we get from, we can also learn many things from it.

Television can either entertain or give us many information. Some movies or serial movies are shown in television. Those who have interests in education can spoil themselves by watching quiz show. The sport mania can watch their favourite player or team play from the TV. As one of the communication media, we can know the latest hot news as soon as possible. No wonder if the location is very far away, we can get it also. What new technology is launch or will be launch can be known from television. Almost all of the information can we get through TV.

In a family, TV will be a multi-function media. Besides as an educational media, TV also can make a family become more intimate. The members of the family will discuss about the TV shows. For examples, when the mother is watching the Chinese Channel, the children will ask about the conversation. The language skill of the child will increase slowly and slowly. Besides, the relation between the mother and the children will be better from time to time.

However, some people claim that television will be harmful. People will spend all of their time watching TV. As a result, they will be individualist and have problem in comunicating with the people outside or even with their families themselves.

In conclusion, televison must be used wisely. TV have big advantages for its users. It is a very effective electronic stuff that have multi-function. TV can provide a harmonic family and even a disorderly family. The problem is that the users must devide their time well. Otherwise, they can be indivual people.

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