Monday, April 7, 2008

Television : Thing That Will Ruin Your Day

In the past decades, television has known to be the part of modern day living since it was created by Paul Gottlieb Nipkow in 1884. It was becoming a popular entertainment for every kind of people, since it’s cheap and many things you can get from it. However, beside of the fun and the information you get, of course, it has the one that you won’t like to hear, the bad effects. The bad things I consider here is about the relation to other people, include our family. I believe the bad effects that television causes is important to handle because it may ruin your family if you decide to ignore it.

So let’s back to the past, to the time when television wasn’t existed. The community seemed good at this time. People chatting to others, children spend their days playing with their neighborhoods and sometimes visiting each other just to get a tea and do a chit-chat. Relation between family was out of our imagination, jokes around family, dinner together, talk about politics, going to camp together and other things you can’t get nowadays.

The let’s see our live nowadays, after we had television in our home. People often spend most of their time by watching their favorite program with a popcorn on their side. When they cornered to a decision : interact with others, for example going to a neighbor’s house or watching their favorites TV programs, they often choose the second option. That’s the fact we can get, a television is made you an individual person and destroy your sense of community. However, most people think that you can solve that problems by locating the television in the room that people can gather together, for example, the living room. Even a family had a television living room, it couldn’t solve the problem, because even you were together, your brain is focusing on the television, and because of that you won’t interact with others, especially in another nation (in Indonesia the commercial show time is long so maybe some people do a little chit-chat there) because if you do that, you can miss the storyline of that program you watch.

In conclusion, even though the television had positive effects to your live, you can’ ignore the bad effects, especially the effects to your social communities. Just don’t focusing too much attention in television and interact with other as much as you can is the best way. Do it too much, then wait till the television eat you alive and ruin everything.

Note : Sorry sir for my late post, because i don't know the deadline so I decide to post them all together in one day. Hope you still accept it.