Friday, April 4, 2008

Whose Finger is on Today?

Who does not know television now? John Logie Baird must be so proud because his invention has changed the world totally in almost every aspect – as the sign of wealth, stylishness, showbiz and entertainment, port of news, and many more. But some people claim that this breakthrough has perils to us, its loyal watchers as it perverts us from our normal life – our daily activities and social life. Is it true?

On one hand, it might be true for houses which only have one set of television. Nowadays there are so many TV stations giving wide range of programmes. Thus, the feuds over who has the power to control which programme is going to be watched are usually inevitable among households. Besides, some people become virtual recluse and insolent that they squander all of their times with just sitting front of it.

On the other hand, several years ago television was actually a magnet which could gather people from a region to watch it together. This is because it was not so common those days. Whilst enjoying the show, in the break we can have a chit-chat, talk about the programme and get along with other people. Furthermore, the information contained in television, whether about film stars, soap operas, stop press news, and so on are also a great supply of our daily topic that make us become updated in our social life.

In conclusion, I believe television is not that insidious. This means that it really depends on us as watchers, do we choose to be a couch potato or regard it as just a kind of entertainment and source of news to refresh our minds from daily routines instead of making it our useless routines. We are the pilot of our planes, are not we?

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