Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Succinct Way of Making Glasses

In fact, the process of making glass is simple enough. Some kinds of glasses are plate, bottle, mirror, aquarium and so on. We’ll explain the way of making two kinds of them. Plate glass and bottle glass are good examples. In a principle manner, the way of making plate and bottle glass is the same. The difference is their advance step. First, mix the sand, soda and limestone. Then, the mixture of these substances is put into the furnace. Wait till the substances reach a certain tempereture. After that, we’ll determine the products. If we want to make plate glass, we pour this mixture into a container. Then it will be stream through a roller in order to make the surface smooth. In the other hand, we pour the substance into a mound to make bottle glass. Wait until they become solid. Finally, remove the solid glass from the mold. The products are ready to be commercialized.

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