Thursday, May 1, 2008

TV- How Big It’s Influence?

In this modern age, television is become a must technology to be owned for supporting us in getting information and also entertainment. Lots of the news that we can gain from watching TV, local news, national, more over from other parts of the world. Every second and every time the newest news were broadcasted from all over the world that makes no more distance from each place to the other

Not only the news about politics, tragedy, criminal, economic and such a thing that was delivered through television, but also the music, history, drama, comedy, gossips, and other kind of entertainment and science can be enjoyed by watching TV. Because of that, hours and hours, unconsciously, were spent just for watching TV. TV have been turned out to be a magnet that pull us to stuck on watching that amazing crystal display. By the time, it can be a dangerous habit if we start it since we were child.

It’s also the common mistake that happened here in this country. The parents just let their kids to watch the program that obviously not suitable for their age. The program that showing in TV is often give the negative impact for the physical growth for the child and teens if the parents did not give their control about it. That bad habit also can be grown as a culture to the family which their activity was oriented to the TV area, such having dinner in front of TV, doing the works and assignments by watching TV in the same time, and so on.

So, as an educated young adult, that was supposed to know better, we have to be smart in spending our time for the useful thing, like studying that is the main job for us and also knowing when we need to do our duty seriously, without TV companion while doing the works of course and when we need to have relaxing time.

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