Friday, May 23, 2008

Bandung, My Crowded Hometown

Bandung, as everyone known, is the capital city of West Java and the third biggest city in Indonesia. Those will be enough reason to explain why Bandung is so crowded although not as crowded as Jakarta. Honestly, Bandung is more crowded by the tourists than the Bandung people itself. There are so many tourists in Bandung, both local and international since Bandung is very interesting city filled of shop and tourism places. When I mentioned ‘filled’ it’s not really like ‘milk in a bottle’ but there is really really a lot of shops like factory outlet and also tourism place.

Beside its tourism places, foods are the other reason why people come to Bandung. Because Bandung also famous for its nice foods, both traditional and nontraditional foods. Many kind of foods such as durian ice or 'jajanan khas Bandung' are sold almost in every place that I’ve mentioned before. So if the tourists look for the food they can find it easily. That's one motive why tourists love to come to Bandung that some people don't notice.

The other reason there are still so many tourist in Bandung is because Bandung people itself who is very welcome to foreign people. Tourists can easily ask Bandung people and be answered friendly. That’s why international tourists love to stay in Bandung and make this city more crowded.

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