Friday, May 16, 2008

Task 5 : Unequal Retirement Age

All countries have their own retirement age and they have their own policy to regulate their citizens. They could decide the most suitable age for their citizens to retire. Fifty, as a retirement age, creates a contradiction for people who really need their jobs and are not ready to be unemployments. “Unemployment is the state in which a person is without work, unavailable to work, and is currently seeking work,” (Anon, which burdens those who really need their job to live. There are conditions where some people are still working when they are already wealthy and there are also conditions where some people have to retire although they really need their job to continue living. The best alternative is deciding retirement age based on how much the workers need their jobs, considering how important those jobs matter for them or on how important they are for their jobs.

Deciding retirement age considering how important those jobs matter for them is the best way for people whose having problems to survive without income. Those are people who does not have side job, have a big family, or whose younger member of the family does not qualify in filling job vacancies. This condition will always exist for those whose money is not adequate for their younger member of the family to receive education. Young workers who are not educated find searching for jobs is hard. If none of their family members produce an income, it will make them harder to survive. This is why old workers should not be forced to retire in the age of fifty. If their younger member of their family could not earn for their life, the older member should keep working as long as they still want to and capable. Not letting the older worker to keep working might cause their family hard to continue living which might start side problems such as criminality and high level of poverty.

There are other condition why retirement aged should not be equaled. Some important jobs require high level of smartness, experiences and maturity. Those are criteria which are usually found in older workers. Compared to them, young workers are more lack of experience and having unstable emotional condition. Such job as politician, needs those criteria which shows that old workers are still needed although it is already their time to retire. The retirement age should be accelerated for those who are not really needed to be positioned in that job and those who could survive without the job. The other way, if the workers are really needed for the job, the retirement age should be postponed until there are new workers who could replace the old workers.

In conclusion, the retirement age could not be decided if the decision is equal for all of the citizens. There must be second thought based on two aspects, how much the workers need their jobs, and how important they are for their jobs. This is the best way to create prosperous condition for everyone, the riches and the pauper.

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