Thursday, May 15, 2008

Television Viewing Is Not a Daily Routine

Television viewing has been one of major habits that most people do every day, as if it were listed on their daily schedule. Nowadays, people usually watch television more than two hours a day. However, I am certain that there are some harmful disadvantages by making watching television as a daily routine.

Firstly, it will waste people’s precious time. People can spend more time having fun with their family and friends, picking up their hobbies, or even starting a part-time business to entertain their selves, instead of watching television. There are a lot of amusing things to do which is more positive and advantageous than watching television. In short, television will only kill their time.

However, watching some educating channels will give people some advantages, such as getting more knowledge from education shows, updating their news information from news channels, and so on. Watching television is a resource that can be used to educate people of all ages. Furthermore, some schools often use television as a way to educate students by demonstrating things that can not be done in the classroom.

Yet, watching television is still detrimental for people, especially youngsters, since it encourages passivity. One example of the harmful television program is soap operas. The soap operas on television are neither entertaining nor educating. Those programs simply depict "real life" and makes people imagining fake happiness despite of trying to make their dreams come true. This is principally detrimental to youngsters who have to be energetic to bring their thoughts into reality.

In conclusion, even though watching television can be used as an educational tool, people should not watch television and make it as a daily ritual since it will not give people anything more than killing their precious time. There are a lot of things to do which is better and more beneficial than watching television and gives people good educating entertainment other than watching television.

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