Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Television and Its Sustaining Effects for Children

Since its first appearance, television has brought several changes into humanlife and is nearly categorized as a primary need in developed countries as the citizens there are most likely (more than 90% in fact) to have one or more television in their homes. And now, as almost every TV shows and news are accessible to be broadcasted worldwide, its effects are no longer resistable, particularly for those who are below 18. Those people, children on most, are too pure-hearted to easily get addicted to the TV and are the main reason for further damaging family life and an insensibility of a social community.

Television, though it may not harm us physically, but its provocating effects are sustaining and are not filterable. For instance, if a kid is addicted to a long-lasting drama which could lasts 200 episodes and is durated 1 hour per episode, then it means that he's just simply wasting his 200 hours in front of the TV, learning nothing but the shameful story of the drama. Another sustaining effect is that if the children idolized whatever they see on the TV, they can't filter which character is right and which one is wrong, and build their personality similar with what they see without even knowing who the characters really are. The pity is, the shows and the drama they watched are mainly contains violence.

Yet, there are educated shows and discoveries broadcasted on the TV. These shows are mainly generated for those who has the special knowledge related to the topic, but there are also discoveries made for the dummies--kids or adults who don't know anything related on it.

But, however, since kids are more likely to spend their times at home, they become the main reason for the television's sustaining effects on damaging family life and the insensibility of social community. If there are 5-6 drama or cartoon shows broadcasted a day, then it surely reduce 5-6 hours to the family life and community. This makes the parents and children having less conversations that damages relationship between them. This effects could also damage the social community because the children will be more intended to stay at home with the television than to play or spending their time outside.

In conclusion, the television that stays in our homes aren't safe and educated enough for the children, in facts, the psychological negative effects dominates them more. This effects then leads them to the main reason of damaging family life and insensibility of social community.

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