Thursday, May 22, 2008

Task 5: The Ideal Age of Retirement

The age of a person to retire from his job often causes pro and contra in society. It’s because the age of a person and its retirement has inter connection and have benefits if determination of retirement’s age is correct. I believe that the ideal age for people analyzed from the benefits to retire from their job is about 56-60.

In age about 56-60, the physical conditions usually does not allow a person to work hard. It’s because in that age a person reaching a determined age, and from its security, it’s more safety for their health to take a retirement. If they still want to work in that age, it will trouble people around them.

The other benefit if people taking a retirement in about 56-60, they can spend more time with their family and spend their life in pleasure. For many people, in their old age support from their family is the main thing that’s very important, and it’s good for their psychology.

“Many kinds of disease appear at 56-60, at the age of retirement” ( The statement indicated that at the age of 56-60 are the right choices for people to retire, because at that age usually diseases will appear and contagious so it can’t help people to work.

In conclusion, the right choice for people to retire from their job is about age 56-60, because it’s good for their health and psychology. Beside that, we can take many benefits that useful for them self and for all people around us.


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