Sunday, May 4, 2008

Should TV be Abandoned for Our Own Good?

First time since television set is produced massively, this household device has taken people’s attention. Although it was launched in monochrome way at the beginning, people still amused with the technology at that time related to the broadcasting system. They kept asking for a while how to make something that looks like impossible become possible for human’s life, especially in transferring moving pictures and also sound from somewhere out there to the receiver (television set) in their home. The answer becomes more complex along with the development of technology nowadays, which has produced LCD TV in colored display. It leads us to the unlimited world of news and informations.

Based on the fact that in this 21st century television has become a common electronic device in homes and institutions, we cannot deny that television plays a big role in our life. It is also said that television cannot be separated from our daily activities. Most of our time is spent in front of TV for many purposes. Television shows entertain us and also educate people in many ways. From the statements above, I absolutely agree that TV play a big role in our society. It gives us so many advantages, but it is also harmful indeed.

Along with the time, now television programs have more variation than before. However, not all of the programs are good to watch, especially for those who are 17 years old and under, and still need someone older to assist them. One thing that we have to anticipate is violence in television programs that appears in numbers and even it broadcast frequently in prime time. Moreover, situation comedy sometimes shows bad manners and the actors / actresses speak rudely. It causes a fatal destruction to the mass if it is accepted as a culture. Not only TV programs, but advertisements also have a bad impact to us. It makes us to be consumptive.

This unvirtual world has separated us from our family, friends, and the society where we live. We become more individual and less care to the surroundings because most of our time is spent in front of “the magic box” called television. Parents are hard to understand what their children think of because they look like have their own world. The emotional connection between parents and their children has been decreasing because they only have so little time to catch up.
Derived from the facts above, we can see the good and the bad sides of television and its programs. Now, it becomes our responsibility to filter many kinds of those TV programs which are good to see. Only us that can manage our life well, although sometimes we need someone to remind us or to give advices to us about anything that make us “follow the good path”, especially for children. Self-controlling is needed to handle this problems wisely. Now, it is time for us to decide whether TV should be abandoned or not.

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