Friday, May 23, 2008

The Appropriate Retirement Age (Task 5)

"Retirement is generally understood to be the time when people stop working and start collecting a pension ( Gendell.Retirement age declines again in 1990s”. Monthly Labor Review, October 2001, pp 12)". Retirement is one condition that people can’t be as productive as before. It is just a rule that used to make constraints until when the person can get enough salary.

A human physics growth is like a hyperbole curve. The curve rises until its top and then tries to decrease. If we take 70 years as a standard person life, the appropriate age in getting success in age 30-40, rest of that we have a degradation condition in functional human organs included brain. This condition is gotten from an observation that will led us to the limit of worker age then called retirement.

Many countries has claimed the retirement age in order to make a productive life on working. In USA, the government decides the retirement age at 62 in 2002. In Ireland, the government determines the age of 70 as an retirement age. Different with Indonesia government that decides age 55 until 60 as a retirement age.

There are a lot of reason why the average retirement age in one country is different from others. First reason is the retirement age is depend on the jobs competence. Every job that available has its own worker criteria. An athlete as an example needs a lot of energy and fine condition of body. This condition makes the retirement age is 30. Another example is politician. At the age 30, a politician still can work and travel to many area. The politicians need to understand people living and the condition of a country. They compete to attract sympathy from others. They don’t really need a fine condition body. The politician must be people that has a lot experience in influencing people ideas. And to reach those condition takes a lot of time, so its impossible at age 30 they stop working, in fact 30 years old is a start point to build their career.

Second, The retirement age is depend on the living environment such as country. Its has been said before, that many country has its own limit age of retirement. The retirement age in country depends on the people condition that living in the country. Beside that, the productivity of a person life in working also the main factor to claim the retirement age.

The third factor is a person health. A person life influences her/his productivity. When we have a healthy body, we can do the best in many activity. But when we get sick take an example a cold, do we can perform well in working?. Maybe we can still work but not as the best as we do when have a healthy body. Can if you imagine if the diseases need bed rest?. In this case it will be affected the person productivity.

In my opinion there is no appropriate retirement age. The retirement age is depend on many factors. It should be an adjustment between a person productivity and his/her age.


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