Thursday, May 15, 2008

Television Is Dangerous for Us

I agree with the statement that said “Television is dangerous because it destroys family life and any sense of community”. I have many reasons for my argument. Maybe, someone will have different argument with me.

Nowadays, television always brings out bad effect for people, especially for family life. Shows on TV do not give much education. The people behind the television’s show only thing how to get high rating on their shows. They do not think about education on their shows. It is why the television always gives bad effect for people and especially for family’s life. There are many “sinetron” in Indonesian TV Channel. Sinetron is a kind of TV drama in Indonesia. Most of them always come with the theme of love and violence. It does not give any education at all. Because of it, family’s members imitate what they see in sinetron to their life. Even though they knew that what they watch is not good, they keep watch it and do it. It is very dangerous for our life.

The solution is, we should choose wisely to watch TV. We should only watch good shows like National Geographic channel, Discovery channel, Si Unyil, news, etc. do not even watch sinetron, because it does not give educational effect at all. And can make our family life destroyed.

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