Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What time should people retire?

”Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely. This usually happens upon reaching determined age, when physical conditions don’t allow the person to work any more (by illness or accident) or even for personal choice (usually in the presence of an adequate pension or personal savings) (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retirement)” The first reason that has been mentioned in second sentences becomes major reason why people should retire. In fact every country has their own regulation when people can retire. Different country means different regulation. That also means the age that people should retire in one country is different with another.
The retirement age around the world varies between 55 and 70. In America, the retirement age start at 65 years old. The retirement age in India starts at 58 years old. In France, the government let their train engineers, who is 50 years old to retire. While we have 55 years old in Indonesia. Many politicians, doctors, scientists and professors can still work even in their 70s while actors and athletes have 30s as their retirement age
We can see that there’s a little differences in retirement age in each country. I think that could be different because different country means different culture, different habit, and of course different lifestyle. Maybe the American people’s lifestyle is better than Indonesian, so people in the same age is healthier in America than in Indonesia. It can also be American people has higher (semangat hidup) than in Indonesia, so they still productive in 65 years old.
But if we see as their profession, there’s also a little differences. I think that could be happen because people see what they produce. As we all know that many actors sell their good-looking beside their acting ability. If they get older can be means they’re less interesting than they were, so people won’t be interest look at them. But that’s not (menutup kemungkinan) that old actor can still survive. Every people must be agree that politicians, doctors, scientists and professors must be more productive in their old age. That could be happen because older means more(pengalaman) more (bijak) and smarter. Doctor, scientist, and professors must have more knowledge than fresh graduate doctor and scientist. That also (berlaku) for old politicians. They should be have better (pemikiran) than the young politicians do.
So I think every professions have their own retirement age, depends on what they can give to the other. So we can decide the same retirement age for every professions because different way of work means different stop time from working.


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