Monday, May 12, 2008


Wikipedia’s definition of violin is a bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths. Violin is the smallest among every string instrument, which includes cello, double bass, and viola. Violin consists of the soundboard, the fingerboard, the pegbox, and the string itself. The soundboard shapes like guitar body with better shape. On the top side of soundboard there’re two holes that form the F-key. Common soundboard is made by wood but there is electric violin that doesn’t need the soundboard anymore. On the soundboard there is a chinrest. Just like its name, chinrest function is the place where the violinist puts his/her chin when he/she plays violin. The other parts that located on the soundboard are a tailpiece, four fine tuners and a bridge. The fingerboard is place where the violinist puts his/her finger when he/she plays the violin. Pegbox consists of four pegs that affect tone of the string. One last thing that can’t be forgotten is a bow. A high quality bow is made from a ribbon of horsehair. A typical violin bow is 75 cm length.
Violin, in the Baroque era, used to be played only in classical music in form of an orchestra. But in the early 20th century violin was also played as a jazz instrument. Up to 1970s violin and the other string instrument are played in popular music such as pop and progressive rock. Nowadays violin become a common instrument in every kind of music.

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