Friday, May 16, 2008

We don't Need Pension-task5

I find a unique topic of discussion on internet. A lot of people asking when they will get pension. They discuss it on a lot conversation just to make sure about one year difference. So I ask to myself, what for the pension is? I think that people shouldn’t get pension. They should work until die.

First, the money which we get from pension is not to much. From UU 13/2003 we knows that they only get 2 year 8 month of sallary after we pension, and we don’t know from where they get money after that(Anon:2003). Pension time only make us confuse to think from where we got money after we retired.

Yes, after 55 years old, we get the fatigue phenomena. We can work anymore on the maximum potential and we’ll be easily get tired so the work is not productive again(Anon:2003).

But the fatigue phenomena is the effect of bad condition on work place before(Anon:2003). People can be fresh until die if we got a good environment. We don’t need any pension and can still work productivly until die if we has a balanced lifstyle

“Jasmani atau fisik adalah amanah dari Allah swt,karena itu harus kita jaga . Dalam sebuah hadits dikatakan ,"Mu'min yang kuat itu lebih baik atau disukai Allah daripada mu'min yang lemah."(HR.Muslim), maka jasmani pun harus dipenuhi kebutuhannya agar menjadi kuat. Kebutuhannya adalah makanan, yaitu makanan yang halalan thoyyiban (halal dan baik) (QS.80:24,2:168), beristirahat (QS.78:9), kebutuhan biologis (QS.30:20-21) dan hal-hal lain yang menjadikan jasmani kuat(Hardian:1998).”

"Body is an ‘amanah’ from Allah of swt, so we have to take care of it. In a hadits told ," strong Mu'min that's better than weak muslim."(HR.Muslim), We should fulfill our body requirement in order to become health. Its requirement is food, that is food which is good and lawful( QS.80:24,2:168), resting ( QS.78:9), requirement of biologis ( QS.30:20-21) and other thing which make body strong.”

So, pension is a very controversial topic. We shouldn’t debating it when. Should be faster or longer? What we should do is has a good lifestyle and we will never get pension. And we’ll be always can work for our God, Nation,and Almamater.

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