Thursday, May 22, 2008

Task 4: Does Television Has a Negative Effect??

Everyone certainly knows about television it is because television is hold a high rating in people’s life. The high of using television making people become addicted and accept not only information but also the negative things. I believe that by the high of using television could give a negative effect to people’s life and mind.

Many programs of television contain violence and porn. People who not filtering the program possibility will influence to doing a bad things like crime or abusing. Moreover, if children seeing that kinds of programs, it can be dangerous. Children’s minds are easier to influence than adults and they usually following what they have seen visually.

With the high rating in watching television, will make people become lazier. It is because while watching television, they usually forget what they must to do. It makes they spend their time for useless.

Some people believe that television is giving more benefits such as information, news, education, entertainment, etc. We can get any information from around the world that very useful for our life, knowing the culture from another country, and refreshing our mind with the entertainment that available in television’s program.

In conclusion, beside its benefits about giving information, television could give a negative effect that can influence our mind especially children, and with a high of using television possibility would spend many of our time.

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