Sunday, May 11, 2008


Do you know UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)? By its name maybe in a glance we can have a picture what is UFO. If you don’t know, now I will tell u exactly a big world's mystery, even world’s mysteries blog put it in top ten of the biggest world mysteries. As I know, UFO is every flying object that human think it strange and weird in the form of plane or just light. In Wikipedia Encyclopedia, UFO defined as any flying object or phenomenon that cannot be identified by the observer. But some people strict the definition of UFO for only those instances where the objects remain unexplained after a proper investigation. This is because from all report of UFO appearance, there is only 10% which is can’t be explained with science or serious investigation. People who investigate UFO called “ufolog” and the science about it called “ufology”. Some one who drives UFO called “ufonout” or commonly known as E.T.(Extra Terrestrial) or ALF (Alien Life From). There are so many theories about UFO, one of the most popular say that UFO is a space plane from another planet that comes to Earth. But, this theory is not strong enough because it’s not supported by strong evidence.

UFOs have been seen by some people in many different places around the world, even in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. Bobby, the president of Beta UFO community, was confessing that he saw a thing like a lamp as big as a fist in his Friday, 4th April 2008, 07.40 (GMT+7). It was in motion and actually radiated red light, like a star. Dendy, member of Beta UFO community, also saw the same object but in Depok, one night before, 3rd April 2008. These confessions are adding the list of people who have seen UFO, especially in Indonesia.

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