Sunday, May 4, 2008

Television, is is the reason why some people become invidualist?

Television has been considered by a lot of people as one of human’s greatest invention. Some call it ‘a magic box’ because we can see moving objects through it and it also delivers sound and voices. Of all the definition that people gave, television is actually a telecommunication system that people use for broadcasting and can receive moving pictures and sounds. Despite its original function, many people speculate about its other functions, whether they really are good and educating, or bad and create invidualist people.

Television connects people to world outside them . Television broadcast a lot of kinds of show. It broadcast news, talkshows, movies, and other things. The shows can be educating like “The Wild Life in Amazon” or newsworthy like “Seputar Indonesia” or just plain entertaining like “ Cek n Ricek”. By watching these shows, people know what happened out there on the other side of the world. By knowing the news, people’s knowledge will be increased. By having some good knowledge, people can have conversations about it with the others. By watching movies and gossip shows, people will be entertained in some certain way by talking it out with their friends. By watching talkshows, people can be motivated and it trains their social skill. On the other hand, some people say that news, movies, and other shows that were broadcasted by television just bring bad effects to society. People can be an invidualist person. Some people who many other people call them as an invidualist person didn’t become invidualist because of television, but because they simply like being alone. We all sometimes prefer to watch television alone, especially when we watch our favorite show, but it is impossible if we just sit in front of television all day long and ignoring all people around you. We alson can’t blame television for the fact that a lot of children nowdays spend a lot of their times in front of television. Television shows are entertaining and we can’t blame the station program for making such thing, but the parents are the person who have to tell their children about when to watch television and warn them if they disobey them.

Television can bring all members of a family together to watch some family programs. Television broadcast sport matches which can be watched together and each family members can support their own favorite. This condition can be a fast getaway to strengthen the family bond. Also a family can watch a movie together, and they can laugh and cry together during the movie. We can say it is a simple, interesting, and easy way to put all of the family member together in harmony.

Therefore, television does not cause people to become invidualist person. It is their own decision not to like being around people and love being on their own. Watching television is entertaining, but still we musn’t forget to still interact with people and avoid watching television oftenly.

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