Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Retirement Age : Between Necessity and Choice

The retirement age varies from country to country but it is generally between 55 and 70. In some countries this age is different for male and females. Sometimes certain jobs, the most dangerous or fatiguing ones in particular, have an earlier retirement age. (Wikipedia.

From the general information above, we may consider that the retirement ages are vary, depends on the independenceness of the employers which normally influenced by the average medical health record of citizens in a country. The better average record, the longer work could be provided. Some people would retire at early age by their own choice because of their well-earned savings or sustaning-cash-flowing, while others are simply retired by necessity that are mainly caused by their degradating health record.

Despite the necessity of the cashflow and other things that could affect their life quality, people are always free to decide their retirement age. The differences here is only on the availabilities, such as the compatibility on certain subjects, power, or thoughts that makes the retirement age different for every jobs.

In my opinion, the retirement age itself requires so many conditions. So, it's quite hard predicting the ideal retirement age because the reason differs for every people. For example, some power-exploiting jobs such as policeman and fireman are able to work until 56-60, that is, as as they getting older, their physical availabitilty are degradating gradually. On the other hands, brain and science-based jobs such as scientist and researcher are able to work or lecturing, as they mainly are, until 70 or 80, depends on their health and their compatibility on the subjects. And as for another kind of jobs, from the marketing manager to a tarot-reader, are free to decide whether they want to retire late or early as well as how they maintain the salary, even though some employers are strict in maintaining their employee.

So, in conclusion, we should say that the retirement ages are vary, depends on the title, how the works done, and the medical health record of every job requires.

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