Thursday, May 1, 2008

task 3-repaired version

Glass is one thing that we can see everyday, we even use it in form of glass, plate and many more. But have you ever wondered how it is made? I haven’t either until I get this task. Now, let’s see the process.
First of all, the main ingredient of glass that consists of sand, soda and limestone is mixed and put in the furnace. After that, the mixture is heated on 1500 °C until it becomes melted glass. Before the mixture is heated, pieces of glass can be added to make the process faster. After a couple time the melted glass will become cold slowly and form like thin sticky candy. Then that thin sticky glass could be processed into two forms . The first one is processed to become plate glass. The thin sticky glass is put under roller so it becomes plate and thin enough. This kind of glass is like what we use for house and other building. The second one is processed into bottle glass. The thin sticky glass is poured into removable mould. Then the air is blown into the removable mould that formed the glass like the common bottle we always see. After it hard enough, the bottle is released from the mould. The last process is to make the bottle cold by watering it. Finally the bottle is ready to be used.

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