Friday, May 16, 2008

Retirement age TASK 5

Are government obliged to set a boundary of retirement age? There's quite a debate of this situation. People have already had in mind that human whose age is greater than some numbers, then he can't be efficient enough to run his job in everywhere he works. As a matter of fact, this statement is not always true. It is, however, proven by medical researches, that older people commonly has a deteriorated body than the younger ones. But there are many things that makes older people not less valuable than the Y generation these days.
People should be given freedom to choose whenever he wants to retire. Even with a less energetic body than the younger ones, older people are always has a irreplaceable experience in the job field they spend their life. This experience can't be replaced with a college material, books, or anything else except practice. That's why, in many corporation older people are usually given a position that is less exhausting and more knowledge-sharing kind of job to the freshman of the corporation.
The fact can't be changed, however, knowing that people with older body will always be haunted with old-age-illness such as heart attack, stroke, and many others due to its condition that has a smaller tolerance with unhealthy lifestyle, food, and activities. So, people with old age, considered civilized enough to determine when they should take their time to enjoy what they have achieved in life and leave the job to his younger successor.
There is another solution for this kind of matter. Older people could always be accepted at several kinds of job field such as : education, health care, nonprofits, government. These job fields offer an acceptable salaries as well as flexible work schedule. In this way, older people could not only spend their life by helping others with their rich experience of life but also get a freedom in planning their schedule to keep their bodies fit so that they could have a longer and healthier life.
In summary, people with old age should be given the rights to set their own retirement age due to his many experience, he is considered has the wisdom to choose the proper time of their retirement age. And he could always be accepted at several job fields because of their experiences are essential to create a better methods, practices, laws, and many others in order to create a better generation of the future.


Pandu Kuntoaji

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